eTEACHERS - Project

The eTEACHERS project develops a toolkit that will support and empower higher education teachers in building inclusive education materials, helping to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students with disabilities and contribute to the digital transformation of education, making it inclusive and attractive, contributing to the changing and reshaping of the present models.


The European University Association (EUA-Sept 2020) survey on “Digitally enhanced learning & teaching” reports that 95% of the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) opted for distance learning during COVID crisis. According to the The Economist (25th July 2020) this new scenario opens new challenges for HEI and their technological readiness, financials and business model and will require a deep assessment and a probable reshape. In this context, teaching will have to be readapted and redesigned based on the digital learning tools and their capacity to engage with students so to be attractive and to offer valuable content. Therefore, the provision of high quality digital learning materials and contents in an effective, attractive and engaging way will happen only if the whole digital education experience is inclusive, accessible and easy to understand and use by all students, regardless their abilities, digital readiness and cultural background.

The eTEACHERS project tackles this challenges. Find out more about the eTEACHERS project.