Implement inclusive online teaching


This is about the creation of inclusive and equitable learning environments for all regardless of their abilities. Here, you may find strategies not only for increasing the quality of the online teaching but also for promoting the diversity and accessibility of the whole distance education. 

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Key tips

Effective communication
  • Accessible channels.
  • Concise instructions.
  • Personalised explanations and feedback.
  • Use of multimedia.
Active learning
  • Engaging learning activities
  • Collaborative learning
  • Promotion of learning communities.
Continuous assessment
  • Regular learning progress assessments.
  • Regular student tutoring and support interviews.
  • Prevention of discrimination and bias as core values in all processes.
  • Provide enhanced flexibility to accommodate diverse learning styles and student groups.
Accessible IT
  • ATs, provision, support and counselling.
  • IT accessibility as part of the teaching quality assurance process.
Accessible educational material
  • Accessibility institutional rules for the publication of educational material.
  • Regular content accessibility assessments.
Continuous improvement
  • Professional development in distance teaching, accessibility and inclusive design.
  • Regular assessment and improvement of inclusiveness of the online teaching.